Renovations Underway for 10th Soldier's Home in Artsakh

02 June 2018

This winter holiday season, we raised funds to give a home to the family of Mher Araqelyan, a wounded soldier from Artsakh. Today, their lifelong dream for a new home is a very close reality.

The Araqelyan family.


Mher Araqelyan, a 35 year old father of one, was heavily wounded two years ago, while fighting to defend his native land. He was one of the first soldiers mobilized to protect Artsakh during the Four Day War of April 2016. He was heavily injured  at a front-line base near Jibrayil and has since been facing serious health difficulties. Because of his thigh wound, Mher is prohibited from doing any physical work and is unable to stand for extended periods. Another difficult surgery awaits him soon.

The lack of steady income and Mher's health difficulties had created a challenging financial situation for the family. Not having a permanent home made this situation even worse — the family had to spend most of their small income on rent.

While a home of their own had been their dream for a long time, it had become much more urgent this year, as Mher and his wife prepared to become parents for the second time.


Touched by the story of this family, more than 100 generous persons from all over the world contributed to the campaign. Once the funds were collected, the family started looking for their new home. Soon they found one — a humble house in Karmir Shuka, their native village.

This house will soon become home to Mher's family.

Several weeks later, all necessary arrangements were made and the house was purchased. Like most other houses in the region, the house is in need of extensive repairs and renovation works, which have already started. 

As with other homes built or renovated for Artsakh's wounded soldiers by the Tufenkian Foundation, we will make sure that the house is fit to provide dignified living for Mher's family for many years to come.


In addition to general repairs, we are making sure that the house meets Mher's mobility needs.
The initiative to provide homes to wounded soldiers in Artsakh was launched in April 2016, in response to the Four Day War. Since then, 9 families of wounded soldiers from various regions of Artsakh have received newly purchased, built or renovated homes. With many of Artsakh's wounded soldiers in difficult housing conditions, we plan to continue this initiative through the foreseeable future. 

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