Village Life in Artsakh's Borderlands: Photo Story

29 June 2018

A deep connection to the land, a strong sense of community and simplicity of living – this is what life in these villages is all about.

We spent the past few days in some of the most remote villages of Artsakh, talking to people and hearing their stories.

These villages are where the Armenian world starts, it is where Armenian life starts, and we think it is important for each of us to learn about the people who live here.

Very soon, we will share with you the stories we have been fortunate to collect here. But for now, enjoy these images of village life in two of Artsakh’s liberated districts – Kashatagh and Hadrut.


Summers are spent playing with friends in the nature.
Ishkhanadzor Village, Kashatagh region.
Always happy to give directions and pose for a photo.
Ishkhanadzor Village, Kashatagh region.
The eldest resident of the village, still working hard every day.
Ishkhanadzor Village, Kashatagh.
Waiting for guests.
Ishkhanadzor Village, Hadrut region.
A large meal will soon be ready.
Ishkhanadzor Village, Hadrut region.
Beekeeping has been gaining a lot of interest among the villagers lately.
Ishkhanadzor Village, Kashatagh region.
Softening the wool with traditional methods.
Ishkhanadzor Village, Kashatagh region.


Many villagers keep cows, chickens and pigs in their yards.
Ishkhanadzor Village, Kashatagh region.


A lot of playing for the kids means a lot of laundry for the parents.
Getamej Village, Kashatagh.


Best place to spend a childhood. 
​Getamej Village, Kashatagh region.
A new home will soon be added to the village. We are building this house for a Syrian-Armenian family.
Getamej Village, Kashatagh region.


Fatherhood. Wounded soldier Mher Araqelyan with his youngest daughter.
Karmir Shuka Village, Hadrut region.


The boys have arrived.
Arajamugh Village, Hadrut region.


A roof for some, a playground for others.
Arajamugh Village, Hadrut region.


Cultivating pomegranates. The recent hail has done some damage, but the orchard is still going strong.
Arajamugh Village, Hadrut region.


Working hard, every day. 
Arajamugh Village, Hadrut region.
Homemade cheese.
Arajamugh Village, Hadrut region.



Muddy shoes means busy family.
Arajamugh Village, Hadrut region.
Homemade tea with local herbs.
Togh Village, Hadrut region.
Mountains and greenery, everywhere.
Togh village, Hadrut region.


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