In our various efforts, we have consistently engaged and worked with a range of organizations and individuals; forming sustainable partnerships that bring new talent, new resources, and new vision to our work. By involving a diverse network of people and organizations, we strive to build lasting bridges that can benefit Armenia and Artsakh in the long run.

In Armenia, we partnered with the Open Society Institute to support the expansion of the Zangakatun Social Services Centers in Yerevan and Vanadzor.

In partnership with the Jinishian Memorial Foundation, the students of Zangakatun centers participated in debate clubs organized among students of various schools. The debates challenged students to raise their knowledge base, better express themselves, and participate in sophisticated discourses. We thank the Jinishian Foundation Debate Clubs for fostering this collaboration.

Another important youth-focused project, the expansion of Manana Youth Center’s facilities, was made possible through partnership support from Paros Foundation, a charitable organization based in California and led by philanthropist Roger Strauch, The expansion has helped vulnerable children develop their talents and creative potential in filmmaking and photojournalism.

The Armenian Dramatic Arts Alliance (ADAA) in Los Angeles and Boston has also partnered with the Foundation to support the Manana Youth Center. Through this partnership, summer workshops have been organized at the Center. Featuring internationally known filmmakers, the workshops have been held each July in Yerevan, coinciding with the Golden Apricot Film Festival. ADAA has also provided Manana with technical equipment and other forms of support.

In Artsakh, in partnership with Ms. Virginia Davies of New York, we have renovated the historic St. Minas Church near the liberated Hak village. The generous partnership support also enabled us to establish and later expand the water supply system for the village.

Karabakh Telecom has partnered with the Foundation to run Computer/Internet Instructional Centers, serving hundreds of schoolchildren in the remote, underdeveloped areas of Karabagh.

The Stepanakert-based Hand-in-Hand NGO has partnered with the Foundation to run a dental clinic in Ishkhanadzor, NKR Kashatagh district. The clinic serves hundreds of families that would otherwise be without care in this underdeveloped region.

Recently, we partnered with the Hayrenaser Organization to rebuild the school of Hak. Due to this collaboration, the children of Hak can now learn in dignified, safe and bright conditions. The school of the historic village can now house up to 50 children, many of whom would otherwise have to walk to a neighboring village every day.

An important ongoing partnership is our cooperation with the Artsakh Fund-Eastern USA, which, since 2016, has assumed responsibility for the expansion and development of the Arajamugh village we founded in 2004.

All these collaborations, and many more, take place in an atmosphere of trust, understanding, and reciprocity. We are always open to working with organizations and individuals who share our commitment to Armenia and Artsakh. To discuss possible partnership opportunities and get involved in our work, please contact Executive Director Raffi Doudaklian.